Scope of project - BIO - Business plan

Location, description and highlights of properties;

1) Located in Pencahue, Chile.

80 acres total:

(21) acres flat Farmland bordering the river, ideal for Berries, Grapes, Kiwi or Pecans.  

(2.5) acres, lot #1 with Cabin 3 bedroom/1 bath, reserved for community use and construction crews.

(4) acres, lot #2 reserved for Mountain Lodge bordering the mountain water canal, 8 cabins, 4(1) bedroom and 4(2) bedroom, and (1) Open concept cabin for guests reception, coffee-dinning room with small kitchen and two additional rooms, one for therapeutic services and another for workshops (making wine and Olive oil)   

(4) acres, lot #3 premium lot for founder fathers/partners. Lot 3a (2) acres and lot 3b (2) acres.

(34) acres, 17 (2) acre lots plated for residential. Plat and permits approved to sell lots and begin construction.

(4) acres, 1 (4) acre lot

(6) acres, 1 (6) acre lot

(4.5) acres road easements ( see plat showing all easements)

(80) acres Total


*Electric service available and runs thru the property.

*New cell phone tower near by, Cell phone and internet service with outstanding reception.

*Very good road access.

*Trash pick up service twice a week from the local municipality.

*Mild mediterranean weather thru the year, low humidity in summer.

*Unlimited water from river and mountain water from canal, Water is own by tittle and never stop flowing. 

*Concha y Toro winery and las 200 Olive oils are located near by on same road.

*One hour drive to the Beach lot. 

2) Beach lot located in la Trinchera near the town of Iloca and Duao in Chile. (both fishing towns)

(1.25) acres mountain lot overlooking the Pacific ocean, (2) cabins to match the ones in Pencahue with (2) bedrooms and 1 bath. 


*Water and electric service available thru the town near by. 

*Breathtaking amazing views. 

*Very good road access.

*Beach in front of lot is pristine and you can pretty much walk on either direction for 10 miles. 

*One hour drive to the project in Pencahue.

Property owner short Bio;

I currently live in Tomball, Texas. Im a construction worker with construction background, by worker I mean Im hands on and I can pretty much build anything made of wood, like decks, porches, fences and wood cabins. Also have experience developing tracts of land and I can level-grade lots and install all the utilities, dig trenches for drainage, plumbing and electric, coverts for roads and build roads, septic systems and retention ponds. I can pretty much operate any tool and heavy machinery. Also have prior experience in sales and I can manage and supervise construction crews here in the U.S and Chile, Im also bilingual and have the set of skills required and the qualifications needed to manage the project. 

Im a U.S. citizen and In 2011 I Apply for Chilean residence and in 2017 got my Chilean citizenship and passport. Is a fairly easy process and I can help anyone interested. (see my chart on Chilean residency).

Im planing to relocate with my Family to Chile June-July 2018 and start development August-September 2018 when the rainy season stop, First (5) cabins for lodge Business and model cabin on residential lots is projected to be ready by December-January and the remaining (5) cabins for Lodge ready by April-May and mountain lodge business fully functional by June 2019. Already talk to Booking.com and setup an account, occupancy rate during 2019, first year in business is projected to be 30%, and 50% the following year and reaching a peak occupancy of 80% after the third year. All cabins will have a hot-tub fed by spring mountain water, and during winter will use a small fire pit built under hot tubs for thermal water. Picture enclosed shows the deck on left for the hot-tub and sitting area.  


Im considering 25% or 50% partnership and investment funds can be divided in 2-3 payments, for more information and a detail business plan please contact;

Cesar M. Puente


email: Angel@pencahue.com