Responsible plan B. 

If you live, work, bank, invest, or own a business, and hold your assets all in just one country, you are putting all of your eggs in one basket.

You’re making a high-stakes bet that everything is going to be ok in that one country — forever, and in reality nothing last forever. 

All it would take is for the economy to tank, a big natural disaster to hit, a terrorist attack or the political system to go into turmoil and you could lose everything—your money, your assets, and possibly even your freedom.

Right now, most major governments are insolvent, central banks are borderline insolvent, pension funds are nearly insolvent.

Financial markets are in massive bubbles. Banking systems are highly illiquid and in some cases charging their customers negative interest rates.

And yet, most people allow themselves to be convinced that everything is just fine. 

 My neighbor’s not worried, why should I be? And we just keep pretending that life is good.  

"It’s a sign of our times that it takes so much courage to acknowledge reality and recognize the need for having a plan B."

Remember—even in the best of times, and perhaps especially in the best of times, rational people have a plan B.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

 How to structure your Plan B:

The defensive strategies of your Plan B, ensure that you can safeguard everything you’ve worked for over your entire life.

Or even more, protect everything that you believe you’ll achieve in the future, making sure that it’s safe from desperate, bankrupt and corrupt governments.

This can apply to your personal savings, your retirement account, and your investment portfolio, which likely has substantial exposure to stock market bubbles and bankrupt government bonds.

Having a Plan B means ensuring that if things go south in your home country, you have a safe place to go.  

This includes options such as establishing residency overseas, a second passport, and increasing your personal resilience.

Creating a resilient-sustainable community is our best opportunity to create that safe place and  

It never hurts to be prepared and to be a year early rather than a day late in doing so.

Whether it's a false flag or just the long-expected collapse of the economy, something big is likely coming… and soon.