The, Chile consist of 82 Acres - 12 lots. 20 acres residential and 60 Acres organic Farming.  

-Information about Cerro del Angel Comunity Farm project;

  • ​All 12 Lots with amazing views of Pencahue Valley.
  • Water tittle rights from Pencahue Canal own by community. 
  • Land is own free and clear, will provide tittle (Escrituras) for each lot.
  • Other water sources include: River that runs thru the property (with fish), irrigation canal, Deep water well, seasonal spring and retention pond.    
  • lot 1 (2 acres) is reserved for community, and will build a multi-use community center, dinning hall, small Chapel for all Christian faiths. Guess cabins, Greenhouse. Comunity lot already have a three bedroom cabin, fruit trees, including; grapes, peaches, apples, figs, olives, etc.
  • Electricity runs thru the property.
  • Very private and secure location.
  • Access roads in good condition. - No potholes or hard to access roads.
  • Founder/Developer is in the construction business, bilingual and lives in Houston, Texas. experience in farming, land development, and all phases of home construction. Operate heavy machinery like backhoes,bulldozer and tractor with all the attachments.
  • Founder/Developer will move to Chile when he finds a partner or the lots start selling and will live in the farm with wife and kids full time, and will supervise all phases of construction and assist all lot owners with the home construction. 
  • Up to (2) houses can be built on each lot, or (1) house and (2) cabins. For other family members or for rental. 

​        Rents on a two bedroom cabin are $300 to $400.00 month

  • The city of Talca is only 35 minutes drive from the farm, drive thru the famous wine Route and watch all the vineyards , and the hills cover with Olive plantations, Talca is booming with new construction, a new Hospital, new hotels, new central market and lots of business opportunities. 

- Why we choose Pencahue? between 2011 and 2013 after traveling to Chile several times, and spend over 6 months looking for the right location and visiting well over 100 farms, I end up choosing Pencahue base on many factors like air and water quality, water resources, easy access, safe location, amazing views and rich farmland. Cerro Del Angel is a dream come true, now we just need a few like minded families or individuals to share the benefits of our new sustainable community Cerro Del Angel.

What differentiate us from other communities in Chile is that Cerro del Angel is owner operated and small compared to other communities, and is much easier to make it work, our ultimate goal for the community is to make it affordable for everyone, and make all the decisions with integrity, honesty, transparency, fairness and accountability.   

Cerro Del Angel Farm Sustainable Community