Why A Real Estate Investment Overseas Can Double As A Retirement Plan;

An investment in a piece of real estate in another country is the best, smartest thing you could do with your money right now. How can I make that statement with such confidence?

Reason #1: Like real estate anywhere, real estate overseas is a hard asset, and, in the current investment climate, hard assets are the most sensible investment class, the best choice for storing value...

Reason #2: As with real estate anywhere, you’re buying with the hope of capital appreciation, but you can also be buying for cash flow, right now an important investment agenda...

Reason #3: Real estate overseas provides portfolio diversification — diversification of currency, diversification of market, and diversification of asset type (rental, raw land, condo-hotel, etc.)...

Reason #4: Real estate overseas provides the opportunity for you to position yourself to profit from both expanding and crisis markets...

Reason #5: Real estate overseas can double as a retirement plan — today’s investment can be tomorrow’s retirement residence...

Reason #6: Real estate overseas can double as a holiday home, an investment that you and your family are able to use and enjoy from the day you make it...

Reason #7: Real estate overseas can be part of a legacy of wealth that you leave to your heirs...

Reason #8: Real estate overseas is safe and private, the only remaining asset type that an American need not report to the IRS every year...

Reason #9: A real estate investment overseas can bring tax advantages, including deductions you can take on your U.S. tax return...

Reviewing this list of reasons to buy real estate overseas, you notice that, big picture, it breaks itself down into two categories — category 1: investment; category 2: lifestyle. Different agendas that, for the best results, should be considered in unison.

Another thing to notice about this list of reasons to put your time and money into the acquisition of real estate overseas is that, fundamentally, it’s all about diversification. This is the real advantage of this strategy — diversification of your portfolio and your assets, but diversification, too, of your "life", your "retirement", and your "legacy".

We are living at a time that presents the opportunity to take the investor’s profit agenda, combine it with the live-better-for-less agenda of the retiree, and transfer it overseas. An opportunity to use overseas real estate as both an investment vehicle and a strategy for a new, healthier and better life, both immediately and longer term in retirement. Overseas real estate amounts to the surest strategy for creating and preserving legacy wealth while simultaneously reinventing your life and rescuing your retirement. 

Thanks to global market events of the past half-dozen years, many options exist right now for where to buy to make money while also making a new life, and, thanks to our Age of the Internet, it is possible today to seize these opportunities easily and cost-effectively to build a new life while staying in real-time touch with family, friends, business concerns, and investment portfolios from the old one.

The best case is when you are able to find a piece of real estate in a place where you want to spend time, short term on vacation and long term in retirement, that also holds out the potential for an investment return, in the form of capital appreciation, farming and residential lot development. This perfect storm of objectives should be your ultimate goal.

The reasons to diversify your investment portfolio and your lifestyle to include real estate overseas have never been more compelling than they are right now. The critical common denominator is a willingness to consider opportunities that fall outside traditional comfort zones.You must diversify, both your investments and your life. It’s a necessity of the world we’re living in.

​​​​​Great Partnership opportunity, Plan B or just early retirement;

Im offering a unique opportunity to own half of the farm, the residential lot development and the beach property by  selling half of the project, including the Farm with titled water shares, half of lots and half of beach property for $300,000.00, bellow cost without partnership. Or partnership with lot development alternative for an additional $36,000.00.    

The Comunity and the Farm are located in a privileged area of Pencahue with mild mediterranean weather, Incredible  views and multiple water sources from Irrigation canal, River and well. The area is well know for Vineyards, olives, pecan and blueberry plantations.    

Already start development and build a cabin in 2013 for caretaker and farm workers.

Scope of project; 83 acres total.

-Pencahue Valley.

(40) acres farm. -20 acres pecans, -10 acres berries, -10 acres short crops.

(36) acres reserved for residential (18) lots. 2 +- acres each  

(4) acres partner lots.

(2) acres community lot.

-Near iloca. One hour drive from farm on new road. 

(1) acre beach property. (Info and pictures on main menu) 

Why investing in Farmland, the benefits of partnership and having a Plan B in Chile.

-Land value continues to rise over time.
-30% + cash-on-cash returns along with potential for land appreciation. (After selling the lots)  
-Farms are a "real asset," not a "paper asset", partner will own half of the farm by tittle. 
-Inflation protection.

-When is winter in the northern Hemisphere, is summer and growing season in Chile.  

-Pristine, cleanest water and air on earth (Southern Hemisphere) best recipe for good health. 

-Farm is self sufficient, multiple sources of water. Solar, wind from hilltop and hydropower from river and canal.  

-Exclusive section of farm reserved just for organic and Biodynamic farming

-Will make our own cheese, wines, olive oils and honey. Also raise chickens and lambs.  

-$0.00 property taxes on farmland.

-$80.00 a year irrigation water rights own by tittle.

-We can build a second home overlooking the Pacific ocean. (lot offered on list of assets)

-Only 35 minutes drive from medium size city with first class amenities, shopping and health care and 3 Hours from  the Capital city of Santiago. 

-Family owned by Farmer-developer and Texas A&M agricultural Engineering graduated daughter as advisor. 

-Owner managed and own a tree farm in Pinehurst, Texas. (Rain Forest tree farm inc. File No. 0800078118)

-Partner can be a working or silent partner, and move to Chile part time or full time at any time. Each partner have a reserve lot with best desirable location and views, farm and Ocean lot.  

- (18) residential lots will sell for 45k/each and we will recup. 100% of our investment back in 2-3 years  

-List of assets and value of assets own free and clear;

-82 acres x $6,000.00 per acre -$492,000.00

-Cabin, storage, well and improvements on community lot $45,000.00

-Water shares (titled) for farm $16,000.00

-Ocean pacific view lot (50,000 s/f) on hilltop that was purchase to enjoy on weekends or any time.1 hour driving

  from farm, already with tap water and electricity. $42,000.00

Total invested so far $595,000.00

-Cash on Cash returns;

- The 40 acre farm could bring excellent returns from pecans, blueberry and short crops plantation.                                  $160,000.00-$180,000.00 per year for 25-30 years. Full harvest yields expected on 7th-8th year.        

- (18)  8k square meter lots can be sold for $45,000.00 each/lot. *$810,000.00, or *$405,000.00 each partner.    

- The community lot also can be used for building cabins or condos for rental income.

- The ocean property also can be used for cabins or condosfor rental income. (see pictures on main menu)

* So basically the 50% partner or buyer will buy half of project for $300,000.00, secured by Farm, water rights and Beach property, all three with tittles. Plus $36,000.00 investment for residential lot development. Lots sold will bring $410.000.00 for each partner. And after we recoup our full investment and make a good profit, will own the 40 acre farm and continue to receive income from short crops on perpetuity, own the community lot, own a residential lot for home and own the beach property lot for a weekend home.          

* End of  August 2017. We are planting 20 acres of tomatoes, expected net profit is $48,000.00.

  And two short crops per year are the norm in Chile. Water canal is 30 ft above farm field, so we

  just open the knife valve and let the water run thru gravity, no pumps needed. Up to $80,000.00 

  in short crops is possible per year, thats without the blueberry and pecan farm. 

 Profits can come from 4 different sources. 1) short crops, 2) blueberry farm, 3)Pecan farm, 4) from selling lots.

Short crops sell in the local markets in Chile, up to 70%-80% of Blueberries and Pecans are sold and export to Asia, Europe and U.S.A. and lots can be sold easily, already have close to 10,000.00 visits on web page, and at least 20 people are ready to commit and only eighteen lots are available.        

-What I bring into the project:

-Financial and sweat equity. 

-25 year experience in Land development, construction and tree farming.    

-Im going to live in the Farm with my family and supervise the project full time.  

-Bilingual with experience managing Chilean workers and problem solving.

Just give me a call or write me. Im more than welcome to answer any question or suggestions.  


281/642-1866 Cesar 



​​​​​​​​​​​-Cerro Del Angel Farm is located in the Pencahue Valley, just 3 hours South of Santiago de Chile and only 35 minutes from Talca. 

Our goal is to create a sustainable and resilient community that provides it's own organic food, water, renewable energy and wellbeing for all. Just a simple life with some optional amenities to resemble our life's back home.

Pencahue, Chile is one of the few regions in the world with ideal growing conditions suitable to most plants.

While there are four distinct seasons (this is important in agriculture), it never gets too hot… or too cold.

The only other regions of the world where these conditions exist are California, parts of the Mediterranean, the Western Cape of South Africa, and South Australia. 




Consider the Sustainable and resilient Living

Cerro Del Angel Can offer!

​​​Cerro Del Angel - Pencahue, Chile


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