21 acres reserved for organic farming

Cerro del Angel, Or "Hill of Angels" Is located in one of the most desirable countries in the world.​

Chile is considered South America's most economically stable and prosperous nation, it is a leader and ranks high on human-personal freedom and has a low perception of corruption.

The Community is located in Pencahue, Chile and is owned by entrepreneur, land developer,  construction company owner and concept founder Cesar Puente.

Centrally located, one hour east from the Andes mountains, and one hour west from the Pacific ocean. 

The closest city is Talca, 35 minutes drive. And three hours drive from Santiago de Capital.  

We just start phase I of development and have 20 residential lots plated and available for sale, all lots titled, marked and closing done at the tittle company.  2, 4 and 6 acre lots available. (see approved plat on menu)

Looking for partners to speed up development, building the main road, install utilities, build a model home and start the Pecan farm.   

20 acres are reserve for organic Pecan farm, and currently is being use for organic tomatoes. Returns are great and much safer than stocks.

Community Highlights; River frontage with fish,  Spring water irrigation canal, retention pond and well. Long trails for hiking or horse riding, mild mediterranean weather thru the year, almost no bugs, no poison snakes and no tropical diseases. The perfect place for a plan B. 




​- One hour drive to the Andes Mountains



- Beach and fishing town, One hour drive. 

- Night sky at the Farm

All 20 lots with Valley views. 

​Lot #3  (4) acres                                                                                                                  Lots #6 & #7 (2) acres each, with big boulders. 

- Videos about Chile

- Santiago, Chile. 3 hours drive