​​​- Our main goal is to pave the way into a healthy and sustainable way of living. The concept or vision is to live a simple and affordable life, Breath the cleanest air on earth, drink and take baths on spring mountain water with high ph, eat organic vegetables, fruits and meats. Make our own organic wine, cheese, Olive oil, honey &therapeutic oils. We have one lot reserved for community center or Club House exclusively for lot owners and their guests, a 3 bedroom cabin with big dining room and kitchen has being build on the farm community lot already. Farm, residential lots and water rights are own free and clear, and each lot buyer will get a tittle for their lot. 

We just start development and have 22 residential lots available for sale. 

One of the questions I get asked the most is, why Chile? and here are 10 answers that make Chile a desirable place for living or have a plan b;

1) Chile is a first world country like the U.S.A or Europe. Chilean people don't need visa to travel to the U.S or Europe. 

2) Chile is in the southern Hemisphere, and 95% of pollution is created and stay in the northern hemisphere. 

3) Chile is consider the Switzerland of South America for its beautiful landscapes and a peaceful country to live. 

4) Chile is the longest country in the world, it runs north from Atacama driest dessert in the world to Patagonia south.

5) Chile central region (Pencahue) have mediterranean weather and is ideal for farming and self sustainability living. 

6) Chile is affordable, I was able to live at the farm with $500.00 a month comfortably. a family of 4 would need           around $1,500.00-$2,000.00 a month and have a comfortable life. 

7) Chile is free from pests and tropical diseases. There is no Zica, malaria, yellow fever or denge in Chile.

8) Chile don't have venomous snakes or poisonous frogs.  

9) The community in Pencahue is only 35 minutes from a medium size city with first class hospital, hotels and                   restaurants. And 3 hours from the modern capital city of Santiago de Chile. And only one hour drive to Beach.  

10) Direct non-stop flights to Santiago de Chile from the U.S.A.  

For more information or schedule a tour of the community please contact:

Cesar @ 281/642-1866 or e-mail to: Angel@pencahue.com

​​​​​​​​​​​​- Cerro Del Angel Farm is located in the Pencahue Valley, just 3 hours South of Santiago de Chile and only 35 minutes from Talca. 

Our goal is to create a sustainable and resilient community that provides it's own organic food, water, renewable energy and wellbeing for all. Just a simple life with some optional amenities to resemble our life's back home.

Pencahue, Chile is one of the few regions in the world with ideal growing conditions suitable to most plants.

While there are four distinct seasons (this is important in agriculture), it never gets too hot… or too cold.

The only other regions of the world where these conditions exist are California, parts of the Mediterranean, the Western Cape of South Africa, and South Australia. 




Consider the Sustainable and resilient Living

Cerro Del Angel Can offer!

​​​Cerro Del Angel - Pencahue, Chile


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