Looking for partner to develop 82 acres divided into three projects. 

- 22 acres Pecan Farm.

- 48 acres Residential lots and cabins overlooking the Maule/Pencahue Valley (20) lots

- 4 acres reserved for Mountain Lodge resort with valley views 

- 4 acres reserved for community center and club house with valley views

- 4 acres reserved for founder fathers with valley views.

The farm is located in Pencahue, Chile. Great access with new asphalted roads.

3 hours from Santiago de Chile, 1 hour East from beach and Fishing town, 1 hour

West from the Andes mountains, 30 minutes from Talca with malls, grocery stores,

first class hospitals and great schools.

For more information or questions please contact Cesar: 281/642-1866 or email Angel@Pencahue.com     

- Santiago, Chile. 3 hours drive 

​- Residential lots views. All lots with similar views. 

- Night sky at the Farm



- Beach and fishing town, One hour drive. 

- 22 Acre farm field Reserved for Pecans.

​- One hour drive to the Andes Mountains