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Cerro Del Angel Farm Chile Farm

Lot number #1 on plat is reserved for community, already have a community house with large kitchen-dinning room, three bedrooms and one bath. It can be use while you visit or during construction of you're home or cabin.

​Comunity lot also have many fruit trees like, apples, pears, peaches, figs, grapes and olives. 


The founder father of the community owns a construction company in Houston, Texas, he build houses and cabins per U.S. standards, and is moving to Chile next June 2018. He can build up to 3 houses or cabins during 2018 , and already have 1 in the works, so we have only 2 spots left for building you're house or cabin during 2018. A basic cabin start at $30.00 square ft, and up to $60.00 per square foot, like the cabin on picture with U.S. standards like a/c, ceiling fans, insulation, running hot water, etc.           


The community at Pencahue is like an extended life insurance that could increase you'll life expectancy by 10-20 years, just by eating organic food growth using Biodynamic principles, breathing the cleanest air on earth and drinking/bathing on mountain spring water. After living at the farm in 2012-2013 three things happened to me; 1) loose all the extra weight, 2) inner peace and mental clarity, 3) Stop using my reading glasses and i was able to read even my Bible without glasses. Then I went back to the US and gain the weight, no more peace and mental clarity, and need the reading glasses again. Why I came back to the US? My two daughters start college and I offered to help with costs, they just graduate on 2017 from Texas A&M and UH, and now Im ready to go back and start the detox process again. I'm looking for families interested in creating a plan B and help with the costs and share the amazing benefits.          


Chile is a peaceful country, no wars and is always neutral in war conflicts, there is low crime in Chile and is mostly petty crime, Chile is very conservative and homosexuality is not accepted openly, very affordable if you live at the community, I was able to live with $600 a month, and a family of four can live very comfortable for 1600-2000 a month, and includes health insurance. At the community farm you'll breath the cleanest-purest air on earth, drink and bath on mountain spring water, The soil at the farm is volcanic and full of nutrients, food growth is 100% organic and 100% loaded with nutrition. At the community farm there is no competition or need to keep up with neighbors, just living you're life with complete freedom while gaining back you're mental sanity by learning to be normal again.


Why we choose Chile and buy a Farm in Pencahue, Chile;   

1) Amazing scenery of Maule-Pencahue Valley, all lots have views to Valley. 


2) Multiple water sources from Mountain water canal, river, well, retention pond and seasonal creek.


3) Good road access and only 35-40 minutes from Talca. Medium size city with all the conveniences. 


4) Mild Mediterranean weather all year. 


5) Excellent 3G cellphone signal, hot-spot and dish cable available.


6) 1 hour from beaches and fishing town of Duao. You can buy seafood direct from boats at the caleta.


7) Affordable living, a family of 4 can live comfortably with $1600-$2000 a month.


8) All lots have access to hilltop that is windy all year long, Ideal for generating wind energy.


9) The Pencahue farm is located near "Las 200 olive oil Farms" The olive oil at this farm is consider the best in the world, link-, also near the farm is Concha y toro Winery, a well known wine thats is sold all over the world. The location of the farm is ideal for a mountain boutique hotel, lot development and Farming.  

10) Chile is a first world country like the U.S.A or Europe. Chilean people don't need visa to travel to the U.S or Europe. 

11) Chile is in the southern Hemisphere, and 95% of pollution is created and stay in the northern hemisphere. 

12) Chile is consider the Switzerland of South America for its beautiful landscapes and a peaceful-safe country to live. 


13) Chile is free from pests and tropical diseases. There is no Zica, malaria, yellow fever or denge in Chile.


14) Chile don't have venomous snakes or poisonous frogs.  ​


15) Direct non-stop flights to Santiago de Chile from the U.S.A.


16) Property taxes are extremely low and 0% tax on farmland, and 0% Tax on capital gains.

For more information or to visit the farm please contact:

Cesar @ 281/642-1866 or e-mail to:


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cerro Del Angel Community is located in the Pencahue-Maule Valley, just 3 hours South of Santiago de Chile and only 35 minutes from Talca. 

Our goal is to create a sustainable and resilient community that provides it's own organic food, water, renewable energy and wellbeing for all. Just a simple life with some optional amenities to resemble our life's back home. The concept or vision is to live a more simple and affordable life, Breath the cleanest air on earth, drink and take baths on spring mountain water, eat organic vegetables, fruits and meats. Make our own organic wine, cheese, Olive oil, honey & therapeutic oils. 




​​​Cerro Del Angel - Pencahue, Chile