​​​​If you're reading this, chances are you're thinking about moving overseas and probably dream about Costa Rica, Mexico or some Caribbean destination, but you must be aware that all the countries in Central and South America are third world countries with the exemption of Chile. If you're looking for a safe place to invest or call home, Chile is by far the best option. (read about Chile on menu)

Most survey's shows that over 1/3rd of Americans are ready to ditch the country permanently and most don't know how to start and lay out a plan. I spend half of my life living abroad and I can help and lay out a plan to any one interested in moving to Chile.

I own 82 acres of prime farmland/mountain land in Pencahue, Chile and 1.25 acre Ocean lot in la Trinchera, Chile facing the Pacific Ocean, one hour drive from the farm. Im looking for 1-2 partners to start development   or just sell half of the farm and beach lot for cost.

Why the property in Chile is much better and different from any other property? 

- Breathtaking panoramic views from all lots thru the community.

​- River frontage w. fish, mountain spring water canal, spring and thermal water for year round Business.  

- Multi project approved with great ROI. (22) residential lots, Mountain lodge cabin resort w. mountain spring water canal running thru, Mountain lodge cabin resort on pebble beach lot, and 22 acres reserved for organic     blueberry farm.

- Location, location, location. only 35 minute drive to Talca, Chile. with all the amenities of a big city.

- Mild Mediterranean weather thru the year. 

- almost no bugs, no fire ants and is very rare to see mosquitos, no poisonous snakes. Safe for kids and pets.

- Chile is free from tropical deseases. 

- Direct flights daily to Chile from USA.



  For more information or to visit the farm please contact:

Cesar @ 281/642-1866 or e-mail to: Angel@pencahue.com



Cerro Del Angel

Cerro Del Angel